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Moving too fast when dating. Am I?

Domestic violence, constant criticism, jealousy, deception, poor communication, emotional immaturity, controlling and toxic relationships are common these days.

Moving too fast in a relationship is one of the reasons behind suffering from all these problems. Some can not identify whether they are dating an abuser and some fail to realize whether they are even ready
to be in a relationship.

A few get lucky with “love at 1st sight”. Their partners turn out to be the perfect match, with things falling into place right from the very beginning. However, most people experience moving too fast, a huge mistake!

For the person just looking for “hookups”, this article is not for you. But for those who wish to attract their ideal love relationship or life partner, read on…..

We met with Transformational relationship coach Kymberly Figueroa on the issue. We loved talking with her as she’s truly lived through her own trial and error.

She shared some great insights….

Here are a few signs that you might be moving to fast while dating:

• Meeting your partner’s family right away.
• Expressing intense feelings of “I love you” without truly knowing the person well enough.
• Making plans like a wedding, having kids or buying a home too quickly.
• Obsessiveness with calls/texting.
• Sexting in the 1st couple months.
• Spending all your time together in the 1st month.
• Telling your BFF within a week of meeting the new person, that you’re gonna marry them.
• Bypassing the courting phase and jumping into the marriage phase, selling the honeymoon
period short.
• People you know are worried about your relationship moving too fast.
• Pouring yourself into dating right after ending your previous relationship.
• Going on a romantic weekend with someone you just met yesterday (extremely dangerous!)
• Talking about moving in together when you’ve only known each other 2 months.

You can’t really know a person in the beginning months of courting. You’ll need a few months to really understand a person’s quirks, goals, values and personality.

There’s a reason new jobs have a 90 day probation period. This is because the employer wants to see the work ethics, character and core values of the new employee before deciding to get in to bed with them. This works
great for a new relationship as well.

Kymberly’s suggestion:

The 1st few months should be the probation period. (Ask all questions that are important to you.) See each other maybe once a week. (Up to twice a week on month 3) She does not recommend sexual intimacy in the probation period as it can blind you from seeing the red flags. Some people today wanna try the goods to see if they’re compatible and this is understandable but you will not have regrets if you decide this isn’t the person for you based on their character and values. It’s ok to refrain and get to know each other on a more mature level. Months 4 through 9 is for sharing new experiences together with close friends and possibly
introducing to a family member. The people closest to you love you and will let you know if they see something you might be ignoring. By months 9 to 12 you should have enough information and a clear picture of the person you are choosing to share your heart space and financial future with. This is a good time to start implementing plans for your future goals and dreams together.

Hopefully this helps you be a little more aware of where your at in your dating. If you find yourself struggling with choosing/attracting the right partner, letting go of old patterns that sabotage your relationships, healing painful past experiences or learning how to raise your standards, it might be time to seek a good coach or mentor to work with you.

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